Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40


Specifications of Shell Helix Ultra (5W-40) 3L, Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, Gasoline Engine Oil, Car Oil

  • Brand
    Shell Helix
  • SKU
  • Volumetric Capacity
    3 L
  • Engine Oil Type
    Fully synthetic
  • Viscosity
  • 3L
  • 4L
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  • Fully synthetic motor oil

Shell’s most advanced formulation for high-performance engines with Shell Pureplus Technology, helps keep your engine close to factory clean with enhanced fuel economy

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 provides:

  1. Shell’s ultimate active cleansing technology up to five times more effective at removing sludge from dirty engine than a mineral oil
  2. Long Term oxidation stability up to 30% more protection than other fully synthetic leading brands tested
  3. Low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction greater fuel efficiency and easier cold starting. Special selected synthetic base oils reduce oil volatility and therefore less oil consumption
  4. Long life through exceptional protection and cleansing, even at the longest manufacturer-recommended oil-drain period

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