KIXX G1 SN/CF 10W-40 4L


Formulated from Synthetic Technology base oil, high performance additive systems and leading edge viscosity index improver, which meet the requirement of current advanced top-tier engine oil grade of API SN and ILSAC GF-5. It is optimized to provide complete engine oil performance especially for fuel efficiency, reducing friction loss and durability.

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• All gasoline fueled vehicles
• High performance cars equipped with DOHC, EFI and VVT
• Four-stroke gasoline engines in motorcycles
• Sports Vehicles
• 10W-40   SN,CF
Fuel economy
The wide temperature range capability of the synthetic technology
base fluid ensures correct oil viscosity which reduces friction
at start-up, and provides maximum lubrication during high temperature
Engine power and maintainability
A reduction in the piston blow-by gas coupled with the oil anti-sludge
characteristics help maintain engine power and cleanliness,
which in turn extends the engine’s service life.

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